4 Tips For Using Your Hearing Aids On The First Day

If you know that you are going to be receiving hearing aids for the first time or you will be receiving new ones, it's important that you spend the first day with them in getting readjusted to sound. Here are four tips that can help you do this:

  1. Sit in a Quiet Room: The first thing you will want to do is sit in a quiet room. Doing this will allow you to get used to small sounds, such as a clock ticking, the wind from outside, the beeping of a message left on the house phone, and more. During this time, you should also try and read aloud to yourself, which will allow you to hear your own voice and adjust the volume of it as needed. This will take some practice, so it's important to do this for a while until you begin to feel a bit more comfortable with it. 
  2. Talk to People: Whether it's people in your family or your neighbors, start talking to people. This is going to help you not only further adjust the own volume of your voice, but it can also help you to distinguish sound patterns in people's voices that will help you begin to understand them. 
  3. ​Go to a Restaurant: Going out in a public place with a lot of people is going to help you get used to louder sounds. This can be quite uncomfortable at first, so it will take some time to adjust. The more you do this though, the less uncomfortable it will become over time. 
  4. Take Notes: Finally, it's important that you are taking notes throughout your first few days of having the hearing aids. If there are certain background noises that you notice while at a crowded place or while talking to friends and family that bothers you, then your hearing aid professional can help you to adjust the hearing aids so that these background noises can be reduced. Continuing to take notes throughout the time with your hearing aids since this will guarantee that you can continue to make adjustments that are needed. 

By utilizing these four tips on your first day of having the new hearing aids, you can be sure that you get as thoroughly adjusted as possible, which is going to make using the hearing aids on a daily and consistent basis more and more enjoyable and comfortable for yourself. 

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